We love to help you to have memorable experience on your trip. Air Tickets? Accomodation? Car Rental?.... Of course, we can arrange more and more you want!

AIR Get the special airfare through the CAN!

This month's SPECIAL !

Direct NewYork till Mar.11 ¥ 55,000-
Direct Singapore till Mar.11 ¥ 31,000-
special campain to Manila till 31Mar2011(except year end) ¥ 27,800
Sydney special till Mar11 ¥ 48,000-
Direct flight to Bangkok till 9Dec. 2010 ¥ 30,000-

Vacation CAN is offering special private package tours!

This month's SPECIAL !

- Domestic Tour - Apr-Sep2010 ¥ ask us details
Mr.FUji and Hakone 1day tour Apr.-Dec.2010 ¥ 11,000-
Takayama 2days April special train & hotel ¥ 29,800
Okinawa 3days April Special Air & Hotel ¥ 38,800-

All fares exclude weekend charge, airport tax and fuel surcharge. Prices may vary depending on depature date.

We can arrange flights to all over the world! Please feel free to call us! Call 03-3352-5200


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About us

CANTOUR is a total travel coordinator with over 10 years of experience for a wide range of traveler's needs and wants.

We arrange flights to a variety of destinations including Asia, Oceania, Europe, America, and even to exotic islands.

We also arrange package tour, tickets to events, accommodations, stand-alone tours, rail passes, and travel insurance.

We would love to help you to plan memorable experience on your trip. We try our best to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Our friendly and professional staff has assisted thousands of customers with planning their trip. We will continue to create and provide valuable travel deals to our customers.

We look forward to organizing your next trip.

Below is the contact information you can reach us.


We are located in Shinjuku-Gyoenmae station in Marunocuhi subway line.

One minit's walk from Shinjuku-mon Exit.

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