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Terms and Conditions

Check-in information:

CAN TOUR will not be responsible for the following:

We are not responsible for any omission on your part such as not renewing your passport, not obtain a proper visa, or any immigration conflicts, especially for those traveling on one way tickets.

Cancellation & Change Policy:

The cancellation policy below is not applicable to advance purchased fares, published fares, business or first class.Cancellation policy varies depending on ticket type or fare rules.

Please make sure to check with your consultant at time of reservation.

Basic season
departure on 1/6-4/19,5/6-8/4,8/16-12/19
Peak season
departure on 4/20-5/5,8/5-8/14,12/20-1/5
60-31days before departure 30-15days before departure 14-8days before departure 7-2days before departure The day before departure or day of departure
Cancel(Basic) 3,000 10,000 20,000 30% 50%
(Peak) 10,000 20,000 40,000 30% 50%
Change(Basic) Free 3,000 5,000 Not possible Not possible
(Peak) Free 5,000 20,000 Not possible Not possible
Important Notice

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