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Q & A


Q1.I know where I want to go. What do I do now?
CANTOUR travel consultants can help you with booking flights holidays, accommodation and much more.
You can contact a consultant by calling 03-3352-5200 or e mailing.
Q2.How do I find out about CAN TOUR's advertised specials?
CAN TOUR staff will assist with all your travel needs.
Please feel free to call us or send an email enquiry or visit our office.
Q3.How can I find air fares by myself?
Unfortunately, we do not have check system in English yet. Please go to air fare page in Japanese and click the city and input your travel date, then you can get the price.
For the details, please contact a travel consultant by calling or emailing.
Q4.Can I book one-way flight?
Yes, you can. We arrange one way tickets to many destinations.
However in almost all cases, you need a visa for the country you are traveling to.
Please contact us if you need more information.
Q5.Can I book a round the world ticket with CAN TOUR?
There are actually hundreds of route and destinations we can offer as part of a Round the World tickets.
As these airfares tend to be complicated,?
Best way to plan your route is to contact a CANTOUR travel consultant, phone 03-3352-5200
Q6.Can I book extra flight ? I already have a ticket to fly from Narita.
Yes of course you can. We can assist you in planning the best route and best price for you.
Please contact by e-mail (english@cantour.co.jp) or Contact us or call 03-3352-5200
Q7.Do you arrange domestic package tour and accommodation in Japan ?
Yes, we have domestic tour page in English.
Then, you can find out and book special domestic package tour.
Q8.Can I take my pet on the flight?
Airlines have different rules and regulations regarding flying pets both within Japan and internationally.
For more information, please contact the airline you are flying with.


Q9.How muc will be taxed be on my flight?
Taxes are made up of a member of variables such as the destination you are flying to/from departure date, airport taxes, airline levies and fuel surcharges.
CAN TOUR travel consultant will advice you on the taxes required.
Please note, taxes are open to change until paid in full.

Changes Booking

Q10.How do I know the termes and conditions of the airfare purchased?
Terms and conditions deffer depending on airlines and the ticket types.
Please ask your consultant for details in ragards to cancellaion fees and refundable fees.
Q11.How do I amend a booking?
Please call or email your consultant if you would like to make changes to a booking.
Please note that some tickets are non-refundable and/or non-changeable, and change/cancellation fee may apply.
Q12.What if I need to cancel my booking? How do I obtain a refund/credit?
To cancel a booking, please call or e-mail your consultant during working hours.
To apply for a refund, please inform your consultant of your bank account details.
Refund may take up to 14days, but subject is depends of ticket types.


Q13.How do I pay for my flights?
Please pay in cash or via bank transfer by the due date on your invoice.
Credit card payment is acceptable with some ticket types.
Payment methods available depends on the ticket types, so please ask your travel consultant.


Q14.Can I book a hotel onlie?
Yes, you can. You can go to the hotel booking site through CAN TOUR website.
If you can not find out suitable hotel, there is an enquiry form for the hotel reservation.
After we received your enquire form, we will get back to you with the availability within a few days.

Re-entry permit

Q15.Do I need re-entry permit?
If your current visa is not tourist visa, you will need to get a re-entry permit.
Otherwise once you get out Japan, you will have to apply visa again.
So Please get a re-entry permit before you travel.
Q16.Where can I get a re-entry permit?
Please go to immigration office near you.
Q17.How long does it take to get it?
It depends on the situation.
Usually it takes about a few hours,but you provide and bring all necessary complete documents.
Please call immigration office before you apply.
For more details, please feel free to ask CAN TOUR travel consultant

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